Top 10 mistakes parents with children make during divorce

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Divorce is a hard process for everyone involved. When a couple with children divorce, its hard on both parents as well as the children. However, there are things both parents can do, or avoid doing, to reduce the stress divorce often causes children. Below is a list of the common mistakes parents with children make during divorce:

  1. Denigrating the other spouse.
  2. Using the child as a messenger.
  3. Interfering with visitation rights.
  4. Sharing intimate details of the other spouse’s infidelity and behavior.
  5. Failing to pay child support; adequately supporting the children.
  6. Immediately introducing the child to the parent’s new love interest.
  7. Moving the child as far away as possible from the other parent.
  8. Listening to the child’s conversation with the other parent.
  9. Having the child read all of the legal pleading or having them contact the attorney.
  10. Having the child request money from the other parent.

The list above can be found in the Taylor Law & Mediation’s Divorce and separation survival guide for parents. To request a PDF copy of the entire guide, please email