Divorce and Separation Guide:Handling scheduling dos and don’ts



Divorce is a hard process for everyone involved. When a couple with children divorce, its hard on both parents as well as the children. However, there are things both parents can do, or avoid doing, to reduce the stress divorce often causes children.  When it  comes to handling scheduling, the following tips can make it easier on all parties involved.



  • Focus on what you can do when the children are scheduled to be with you.
  • Recognize that the other parent is equally as blessed or cursed at times by adhering to a set schedule.
  • Try to be accommodating in changing things for the other parent to build “goodwill” for the future.
  • Recognize that if you get into the habit of making scheduling accommodations when asked, it will increase the odds that one day you will receive the same courtesies.
  • Teach by doing.
  • Lead by example.



  • Don’t make plans with your children, or concerning your children, that do not fall on your scheduled time.
  • Don’t let your children know about “tentative plans” that they will “miss out on” if the other parent won’t adjust the schedule.
  • Don’t set your children up to for disappointment over scheduling change requests.
  • Don’t dwell on things that you or your children miss because the schedule isn’t in your favor.

The list above can be found in the Taylor Law & Mediation’s Divorce and separation survival guide for parents. To request a PDF copy of the entire guide, please email mediation@taylorlm.com.