Blacks, Native popultation more likley to be arrested, held in prison than general population

African-Americans in Idaho are more likely to be arrested at a higher rate than they are represented in the general public than any other racial or ethnic group. The same is true for American Indian/Native Alaskans with respect to being held by Idaho Department of Corrections.

The following report used data from the 2010 Census; the 2012 Crime in Idaho report, published in July 2013; and the Idaho Department of Corrections monthly report from May 2013. All three reports are the most recent reports available.

A total of 65,891 arrests were made in 2012. That was 54,612 adults and 11,279 juveniles. The Idaho State Police, responsible for publishing the Crime in Idaho Report, classified those arrests by race and ethnic group. The races used in the report were white, black, American Indian/Native Alaskan, Asian and unknown. The ethnic groups were either Hispanic or non-Hispanic and unknown.

According to the 2010 census, 93.8 percent of Idaho is white, .8 is black, 1.7 is Native, and 1.4 is Asian. 11.6 percent is Hispanic.

The following chart shows the race or ethnic group in the state, the race or ethnic group by arrest and the breakdown by race or ethnic group held by the Idaho Department of Corrections.

Race     Percentage of Idaho population     Percentage of arrested     Percentage of IDC’s population

White                      93.8                                                    90.3                                      74
Black                        0.8                                                        2.2                                       2.4
Native                       1.7                                                        2.4                                       4
Asian                        1.4                                                        0.6                                       0.5


Hispanic                 11.6                                                     12.9                                      15.5

*The gaps in the above totals and 100 percent account for the “unknown” reports in each report.*

Despite making up 93.8 percent of the state’s population and 90.3 percent of the arrests, whites only account for 74 percent of the state’s prison population. While making up 1.7 percent of the population, the Native population makes up 4 percent of the Idaho Department of Correction’s population, more than double their representation in the general population.

How the three populations above break down by gender:

Gender                                 General population                        Arrest                              Idaho Department of Corrections population

Male                                              50 percent                              72 percent                                                    87 percent
Female                                          50 percent                             28 percent                                                     13 percent

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