Divorce and Separation Guide: School dos and don’ts

 Divorce is a hard process for everyone involved. When a couple with children divorce, its hard on both parents as well as the children. However, there are things both parents can do, or avoid doing, to reduce the stress divorce often causes children.  When it comes to handling transitions of the children between the parents, the following tips can make it easier on all parties involved.


  • Make sure that you provide the other parent with either an original or copy of every important paper that comes home from school.
    • Provide your ex with a copy of any letters that you send to your children’s teachers or school administrators.
    • Use email or make a family/school blog to post important events and information pertaining to school-related matters.
    • If there is a custody order in place, make sure that the school has a copy of it on file.
    • If you are the sole legal custodian of the children and your court order does not specify the rights of the other parent, notify the school in writing that you authorize them to provide any and all school-related information to the other parent.
    • Whenever there is a place for the other parent’s contact information, either provide it or give the other parent an opportunity to complete and return the form.
    • If there are serious communication problems between you and the other parent, let the school know there may be a need to be particularly alert to the dissemination of information pertaining to your children,
    • Unless you think that you cannot control yourself in an appropriate fashion, try to schedule teacher meetings and parent conferences together with the other parent.
    • Make a concerted effort to demonstrate a united front or as many issues as you can.
    • If there are certain areas that can be delegated to a particular parent, do so, and share all information.Don’t:
    • Dont:
    • Don’t bad-mouth or belittle the other parent to teachers, staff, other parents, or children.
    • Don’t withhold information from the other parent.
    • Don’t encourage teachers or staff to withhold information from the other parent.
    • Don’t sign up for activities without presenting the other parent with the opportunity to do the same.
    • Don’t ask parents, teachers, or staff to “spy on” the other parent’s interaction with the school personnel or other parents.


The list above can be found in the Taylor Law & Mediation’s Divorce and separation survival guide for parents. To request a PDF copy of the entire guide, please email mediation@taylorlm.com.