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Military members are authorized their own civilian attorney when facing adverse action in the military.

Military Justice

At Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC, we take pride and satisfaction in the fact that we fight to protect the legal rights of those men and women who have put their own lives at risk to defend the rest of us. The members of the United States Armed Forces serve to protect and uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but unfortunately their own rights are sometimes trampled in the course of a criminal investigation or court-martial, and the result is often disastrous for the individual service member.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can safely navigate this challenging situation by relying on the appointed military defense counsel. No matter how sincere and well intentioned the attorney may be, he or she is in all likelihood incredibly overworked and under the burden of a massive caseload. In order to get the best possible results in your case, you need a civilian military criminal defense lawyer.

Attorney Robert J. Taylor has 13 years of military experience, including time as a military paralegal specialist and a company commander. This provides him with a unique perspective best suited to serve military personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces, including the US Air Force.

In most courts-martial, there is one single factor that will determine the final outcome of the case, regardless of the quality and scope of the evidence: the defense attorney. The experience and skill level of the defense lawyer may make the difference between the accused being able to continue his or her career, or ending up in confinement and facing a future of living with a criminal record.

When we take on a new case, we take the time to fully evaluate the facts of the matter and to provide our client with an unbiased assessment of the situation, so that our client knows what to expect and so that we can prepare the best possible defense against the charges. If at all possible, it is in your best interests to retain legal representation while you are still under investigation and before any charges have been filed against you, so that we may be able to intervene on your behalf and to resolve the situation. In the event that the case will have to go all the way to a court-martial, it is vital that you hire your attorney as early as possible to ensure the best possible chances of success.

Whether you are suspected of a sex crime or breach of national security, or if you are being accused of going absent without leave (AWOL), you need an attorney to advocate on your behalf and to help you find your way out of this situation. Don’t make the mistake of speaking with investigators; the longer you talk to the military police, the more likely it becomes that you will say something to incriminate yourself. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want your lawyer now.

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