Mediation Services


Taylor Law & Mediation offers mediation services in Mountain Home. Mediation can be a great alternative to settling private family law matters.


Mediation Services

Taylor Law & Mediation offers family mediation services to resolve divorces and child custody and support issues.  Sessions are blocked in two-hour sessions, but will typically conclude in 90 minutes. The extra time is for scheduling purposes in case additional time is needed to complete the session.

Services are $150 per session and can be held in either the Mountain Home or Boise. Sessions are available during the evenings and weekends to accommodate individuals and couples who may not be able to take time off thier jobs during the work week.

Sessions can be held in Mountain Home, Boise, Eagle and Nampa.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties with the assistance of a neutral third-party mediator, who facilitates discussion between the two parties. The parties have the final, and only, say in the outcome of the dispute and the agreement is legally binding to both parties.

Mediation can be used to settle almost any type of dispute. Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC focus on divorce, child custody, child support and other issues related to family law matters.

In meetings with a mediator, called sessions, both parties have the opportunity to be heard and work together to reach a solution that both participants can agree. The mediator facilitates the discussion and does not act as an advocate for either party or as a judge.

Why consider Mediation?

This PDF explains why you should consider using mediation services to settle your divorce or child custody dispute.

When to mediate

Mediation is only possible if both parties agree to mediate. Divorcing couples can work with their attorneys and hire a mediator in lieu of settling the matter in court when they reach an impasse or they can hire a mediator from the onset of their divorce, even if they haven’t filed for divorce yet.

Does it work?

Divorce Mediation facts

Mediation can work in most divorces, child custody, and child support issues.