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One of the principal beliefs of Taylor Law & Mediation is that the law should be accessible. This means making high quality information and opinions available to the public at no cost. Taylor Law & Mediation has compiled a team of bloggers from across the country with viewpoints just as far apart ideologically as they are geographically. They will cover a wide range of topics, focusing on both the legal world and other aspects of social change. Read about our team of bloggers below, and click either their portrait or blog name to be taken to their respective blogs.

In an effort to further increase the availability of high quality information made open to the general public by legal experts across the state, we have assembled Idaho’s only online director of Idaho legal blogs.

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Fine Print is the official blog of Taylor Law and Mediation PLLC, run by Robert J. Taylor. The blog touches on various legal issues and current topics in legal news. His intent is to both educate and entertain its readers. You can find the latest two posts for Fine Print below, and go to the blog page to see more!

  • Free Back-to-School Supplies for the littles - For the past two years, I’ve sponsored a back-to-school drive for students in Mountain Home. I’m doing it again this year, and it should be the biggest and best yet. In 2014 and 2015, I asked community members to nominate either themselves or someone they know that needed school supplies and my girlfriend and I […]
  • Steven Avery: Probably killed Teresa Halback, no doubt fucked by system - I recently finished watching Netflix’s “Making a Murderer.” Three thoughts from the series: 1. The series was produced by a team that is clearly pro-Steven Avery. Filmmakers claim that this isn’t true, that they just told the story they had, aided by prosecution’s and victim’s family refusal to participate in the documentary. But the series […]
  • An open letter to Jana Borgholthaus - 4 November 2015 Jana Borgholthaus President, Western Elmore County Recreation District 245 E 6th S St, Mountain Home, Idaho 83647 (208) 580-2377 Dear Ms. Borgholthaus, I found the comments you made to the Idaho Statesman on November 5, 2015 regarding the November 3 election to be highly offensive and inappropriate. Specifically, when you said, “Honestly, I was shocked. […]
  • Ten reasons to vote against a YMCA in Mountain Home - Reelections are interesting. They are basically nothing more than a confirmation of the incumbent’s job performance. If you like the job they have done and the direction whatever organization they are responsible for is going, you go to the polls and you vote for them. Or you stay home and do nothing, because not voting […]
  • My night at the Western Elmore County Recreation District Political Forum - I learned a lot at tonight’s Western Elmore County Recreation District Political Forum. Before I get into those things, I want to first explain how I first came to know about the Western Elmore Country Recreation District. (This is kind of a long story, so skip below if you’d like to speed it up.) In […]
  • Back-to-school drive 2015 (Free school supplies) - Last year I thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a back-to-school drive for local children. While I had originally intended to limit the number of participating students to four, I ended up supplying all the children who were nominated last year. I’m doing this again this year, but with two clarifications. Students, of […]
  • The difference between flags of hate flying on state property and people walking on US flags - People who don’t understand why Confederate flags need to come down on city, state, or federal property while people are still allowed to walk across the American flag in protest need to try harder to understand the difference. A flag representing the Confederate flag flies on the statehouse’s property in South Carolina. Prior to its […]
  • The context of the SC Confederate flag means it has to go - Context matters. Context gives meaning to words, symbols and flags. Such as symbols found on state flags or flags found on the grounds of state capitals. There’s been a lot of debate since the shootings in Charleston last week over exactly what the Confederate flag represents. Supporters of the flag claim it’s a symbol for […]
  • Police accountiblity requires a system we can trust - I don’t envy the police. Law enforcement officers have one of the hardest jobs out there. We ask them to keep out cities safe, to solve and prevent crimes, to resolve private disputes and to rush to the scene of danger when others are rushing away from it. They go to work knowing that any […]
  • Reality Check: Taylor Swift fills “Blank Space” with domestic violence -   Earlier this fall when TMZ.com released footage from inside Ray Rice’s infamous elevator ride with his then-fiancé, now-wife,  it appeared that as a nation, we had reached a turning point in the discussion regarding domestic violence. Domestic violence, we decided, would no longer be tolerated.  Watching Janay Palmer fall to the ground in single punch […]





Kaitlin Moroney runs the blog Cup of Critique, a blog that offers a critical look at culture, media and politics from the perspective of a feminist.





Police Beat takes a critical look at police work around the country in an effort to help educate the public about the potential for abuse of police power.