Blogs that matter: An online directory of Idaho law blogs

Idaho’s best law blogs

At Taylor Law & Mediation we dug through pages and pages and pages of google search results to compile a listing of all the blogs either written by attorneys or otherwise cover law in Idaho. If the author called it a blog, we called it a blog and added it to our list. We started off with more than 45 blogs.

Then we scrubbed the list. We discovered that not everyone who has a “blog” knows exactly what a blog is. So we got rid of all the “blogs” that were nothing more than lawyers listing the type of legal services they offer. Several blogs were started by attorneys but never got passed the “this is our first post!” post. Those blogs were cut from our list.

Good blogs are updated regularly. Understanding that lawyers might be busy actually running their practices instead of continuously updating their blogs, we gave a generous six-month grace period to all bloggers. Any blog that hadn’t been updated in six months as of December 15, 2013 was removed from the list.

The following list were the blogs left standing at the end of our screening process. If we missed your blog, if you’ve started a new blog, or your blog was removed from the list for the reasons mentioned above and those deficiencies have since been remedy, please email and we’ll be happy to add your blog to the roster.

If you’re a practicing attorney in Idaho and would like to start blogging, we’d be happy to help. We can give you advice on what makes a good blog a good blog and we can even host your blog for you if you’d like.

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